No more princesses… Just male sex robots!

Thank you James H.! Jim’s upset again, but Terry is a gentleman. Is Vegan meat good and is meat dying out? Mayor Pete’s stock image blunder, plus shadow banning, PayPal, Male sex robots and Disney princesses. And TRUMP TALK with lots of yelling.

No Likes For You… Pervert.

Terry & Jim talk about new TV, Rob Calls, Hate Speech, Removing Instagram Likes, Escorting and of course politics and Impeachment!

So Many Emotions!

Jim & Terry are MAD! Jim is MAD & SAD! But to avoid further conflict, the guys shelve their stories for now. So it’s off to talking about the launch of Apps TV+, Uber is in trouble, Twitter bans political ads, Reddit & Dating advice, plus the Kardahians. Finally, the guys talk about the Democratic Presidential contenders, the drop-out of Beto and Jim talks about maybe quitting Facebook forever.

Halloween is scary. Blue Light is scarier.

The guys bitch about their lives, then they talk about Facebook, getting old and dealing with people, two TOTALly different options on Trump and how Halloween got totally ruined. Plus how Blue Light might be destroying us all.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Plus Porn

Rain, porn, period day, new restaurant, family time with Terry, wedding news, Miami, the economy, Miley and more. Whew.

TTJ Blimp Company… Now with Sex Dolls!

The guys get caught up as usual, then they talk about Kanye West, the upcoming debates, and how old is too old to be president. Then it’s talk about China and garbage, and finally sex dolls and… blimps?

Betty, Bozo & The Joker (Two out of Three Clowns)

Jim & Terry get caught up on Jim’s death threats and Terry’s concern for the nation of kids. The it’s off to the races as the guys cover lesbians in new shows, Bat Woman, the de-feminization of Supergirl and the Joker movie. Plus a little bit more…

Sugar Baby or just a whore?

Terry and Jim catch everyone up on being jerks, then the guys talk movies, red meat, jay-walking deaths, escorts and TRUMP (of course).

Ranting and Raving

Jim & Terry get a bit off their chests, then they talk about new TV shows and dabble in politics. Ya know, the usual.

This Just In… Terry pisses Jim Off.

Terry talks garbage and Jim talks politics. Plus some fun news and stats, but things get heated a couple times during the show.

Message from Terry to Jim: “There is a lot of anger in the show. We may want to make a new show with less anger.”