Emotional Support Sex Dolls

A PSA from Jim, then the guys talk about the danger of using ZOOM, Facebook stats, and how the talk shows are now awful. Jim notices people’s backdrops and Terry has some new sex doll news. The it’s the FUCK IT day in our future and the Covid Virus.

Don’t poke the bear, Bozo!

Jim loses his shit, then the guys do a typical show, as they talk about what’s bugging them the most during this new normal.

Are they lying to us?

Week 3 of talking about Covid-19. Should Amazon workers get hazard pay? When will the new tests come? News is changing everyday, what about masks?How the WWE & Hollywood are dealing.

Social Distancing: All the way from the U.K.

Jim’s mic sounds like shit and Terry didn’t tell him, so sorry. An update on Covid-19 with our friend Leah from the U.K. She let’s us know what it’s like across the pond.

Shit Just Got Real

The guys talk everything coronavirus, Tom Brady, the Debates and more.

Terry’s Redneck Medicine

The Guys talk about their JERK moments, then Jim talks about his ne girlfriend, who happens to be an AI. Then the guys talk about why younger women date older men, Megan Markle, and the Corona Virus. Then things break down in politics. LOTS of yelling.

This Just In: Women Can’t Lie

The guys talk about their JERK moments of the week, then it’s off to the cancel culture once again. Chris Matthews retires, Timothy Hutton loses his job, and is Mike Bloomberg really a dick? Jim talks about a documentary called “The Red Pill”, then the guys break down Super Tuesday and the future for the democrats.

Will you accept this rose?

Jim’s mic is screwed up for 3 minutes, and Terry might be going to DisneyWorld! Plus, Jim talks the bachelor, 20 year old virgins, the state of porn and Harvey Weinstein. Plus more Reddit stories and the guys argue about healthcare but agree on Bernie.

The Guys Want Sex Dolls!

The guys tell their stories of being jerks, Terry talks about his trip to Atlanta, then they cover some entertainment news. Some short topics later, and the guys continue their obsession with sex dolls. Followed by so politics talk!

Too much politics, Too much mic problems

Jim has mic problems and text problems while Terry steals straws. Then Terry thinks back on “what ever happened to…” Then the guys spew too much on politics.