Garbageman Tail(s)

Terry tells a slightly risqué garbageman story and Jim has a (surprising) update. Terry is sick of how men are portrayed in Romantic Comedies, and more women bashing ensues. The guys talk about the Bella Thorne nudes, Facebook Crypto Currency and Trump’s selection campaign kicks off. Plus much, much more!

We Got So Much PRIDE!

Jim & Terry talk all about gay stuff in this episode, and mostly in a good way. The guys also talk movies and Dark Phoenix. Jim gives a life update, and of course, a sprinkle of politics and sex robots!

Pay your own debt, kid.

In this episode, Terry and Jim tackle all the big topics. Reparations, College Debt, Socialism, and much much more!

Off Their Rockers

Terry and Jim are a bit discombobulated this week, talking everything from singing nuns to genie’s penis sizes.

Khamalla wants men’s money

Will Britney ever perform again? Jim & Terry go deeper into the new abortion laws. Khamalla wants equal pay no matter what. Are student loans too high? And of course… Game of Thrones last talk!


Terry talks Midget Justice? Should Democrats go on FOX NEWS? Are prisoners slave labor? Terry and I reminisce about the early podcasting days, and how celebrities are taking over the medium. We talk the heartbeat abortion law, and a sex strike? New Florida laws, including some sex dolls. And of course… Game of Thrones!

Terry is a Racist and Jim is an A-Hole. Both Jerks.

Terry and Jim discuss the royal baby, and Facebook kicking people off the platform. Using VPNs, AOC’s BF is scruffy and testosterone in woman sports. Jim loses his shit talking about the Democrats, and other exciting stuff.

Sex Robots will Destroy Civilization

Jim’s life has changed a lot in a week. Non-Spoiler comments about Avengers: End Game and spoiler comments about Game of Thrones. Entertainment news, including the terrifying new SONIC trailer. Is Trump afraid of Biden? Holding doors for people and some other nonsense.

It’s the End… of a lot of things.

Terry and Jim talk about the end of Game of Thrones and the Avengers. The end of the Mueller Report and impeachment? It’s the end of ALL of Jim’s relationships and the end of his cat’s life (maybe.) We also discuss Trumps polling, Joe Biden’s cold feet and Mayor Pete’s chances as a gay man.


Jim talks more about the rotating emotional carousel he is one. Terry talks work. Bernie slides into first. Kim Kardashian wants to become a lawyer, God burns down Notre Dame. Atheists are growing, Entertainment news and more.