The Big Big Fight

Things start out normal, then things go south quickly. Terry doesn’t want to wear a mask and Jim starts bashing Trump Early. Terry promotes a controversial documentary, but Jim thinks it’s propaganda without even seeing it. The Terry tells Jim to become a ditch digger and there is not much coming back from that point. Jim closes out the show with some thoughts after Terry drops out. This podcast proves that during a pandemic, and an election year, we live in a divided country, that sometimes starts diving even close relationships. Is this the end of the show?

Thic is in?

Jim rants about a job interview while Terry had a long weekend. The guys talk Yoho VS AOC, extra unemployment money ending, poor Kanye, plus sized swimsuit edition and Terry hates sitcoms.

Date This Redneck

Terry tries online dating and Jim hates everyone on Instagram. The guys give reviews on what they watched this week, then an update on movies we have missed out on this summer and the state of theaters in the future. The the guys get testy about Trumps new “Federal Officers” in Oregon, the new Trump Show, and sending nudes.

Adaptil: For Crazy Bitches

Jim goes off on HELPING women. Prediction for 2020, Covid news, Redskins changes their name, Netflix reviews, BLM and more.

We got guns and a special guest

Leah from the UK joins Jim & Terry for a lively show about Guns, Trump and an update on Covid from the UK. We also play a game, talk about Dad-Bods and more!

We Stand By Lumberjacks

Jim’s Land Lady breaks into his house and Terry loves using cash. Plus, your favorite Aunt just got cancelled, some Netflix recommendations, more talk of race (from two old white guys) and some Trump talk. And finally, an update on Sex Dolls!

The Tired Sensitive Snowflake

Jim has a weekend visitor, Trump’s back to rallying, and people are now REALLY unhappy. The guys talk sexual harassment, some new movies on the internets and some more crappy stuff. Now tell a friend or we will start giving out your IPs.

Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

Terry talks about a funeral, then takes a hard right turn into hating women. Jim tells a story about wearing a mask. Then the guys talk the protesting, the facts and the numbers all around. Plus much more!

Riots, Hookers & Covid. Oh My!

Terry has one hell of a story, then it’s off to the races, talking everything riots, hookers and Covid19. It’s a packed show!

Who’s the Snowflake Now?

The guys get you caught up on Disney World news, they talk about some entertainment news and shows, then it’s a wild showdown between your favorite redneck VS snowflake.