We got guns and a special guest

Leah from the UK joins Jim & Terry for a lively show about Guns, Trump and an update on Covid from the UK. We also play a game, talk about Dad-Bods and more!

We Stand By Lumberjacks

Jim’s Land Lady breaks into his house and Terry loves using cash. Plus, your favorite Aunt just got cancelled, some Netflix recommendations, more talk of race (from two old white guys) and some Trump talk. And finally, an update on Sex Dolls!

The Tired Sensitive Snowflake

Jim has a weekend visitor, Trump’s back to rallying, and people are now REALLY unhappy. The guys talk sexual harassment, some new movies on the internets and some more crappy stuff. Now tell a friend or we will start giving out your IPs.

Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

Terry talks about a funeral, then takes a hard right turn into hating women. Jim tells a story about wearing a mask. Then the guys talk the protesting, the facts and the numbers all around. Plus much more!

Riots, Hookers & Covid. Oh My!

Terry has one hell of a story, then it’s off to the races, talking everything riots, hookers and Covid19. It’s a packed show!

Who’s the Snowflake Now?

The guys get you caught up on Disney World news, they talk about some entertainment news and shows, then it’s a wild showdown between your favorite redneck VS snowflake.

No Mask? Tiger Blood!

The guys talk entertainment, youtube, and fantasizing while having sex. Then all hell breaks loose over masks, Trumps and minorities during the pandemic.

The Special Gifted Boys

Jim is mad at Terry, the guys talk about “special” and “gifted” kids, plus, the f**k it day is here and more cover talk.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

The guys talk being jerks, what the are watching on Netflix And how American Idol is handing the pandemic. That is dating talk, Biden talk, then offensive talk.

We are jerks and so is Ellen?

Terry talks garbage, then the guys discuss a bunch of things including Ellen and so other stuff. Then they round out the show with some Covid-19 thoughts.